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Shane's Voice

Hey y'all, Arshi here :) Queer. Bengali. Canadian. Happily in love with a gorgeous and talented french woman. OTPs- Rizzles, Calzona, SwanQueen. Love video games. Huge mass effect fan. Wanna know more? Read the 'About Shane's Voice' page.I'm pretty shy in person, but atleast give me a chance to know y'all, ok? Say Hi anytime, I don't bite ;)THIS BLOG IS LGBTQ FRIENDLY!

Jan 20 '12

this happened today…

that awkward moment when your phone rings really loud in tech class exactly when everyone is dead quiet and working…

full blast rizzoli & isles theme ringtone!

everyone’s like:


and all sets of eyes on me and im just


lmfao! i scrambled to turn it off XD


awkward as hell but thats all cool


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